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Nos Spheratu

Inspired by the desire for authentic music, Azzolina Audio developed out of its rigorous and unrelenting pursuit. Science a mere foundation to step beyond into the music.

In the enrichment where vintage knowledge and new technologies overlap there is opportunity of evolution and inspiration beyond convention. For several decades Azzolina Audio has been building music systems privately for conoscenti - for music lovers, for whom music is not a luxury but a necessity.

Gran Sfera speaker collection stands for a whole entity, a thing entire, from any perspective. Listening to them, better than words, explains why this name was chosen.

Direct heated triodes, with individually designed transformers, and elegant bias techniques sets the stage for real musical drama through our amplification systems.

Design philosophy? Natural motion, efficiency is a fidelity, inductance over capacitance, direct heated triodes over silicon, paper over plastic, harmonic proportion, natural materials and devices over synthetics, these axioms, and others like them, combine toward a fulcrum of what works best to naturally unfold and present music - the human expression.

Sound reproduction is more than a science just as cooking is more than chemistry, painting more than pigments and writing more than grammar. In the end it is about the humanity which resides within these and is at once the cause, the meaning and the purpose of them. At Azzolina Audio we focus on the human aspect and cause science to serve this rather than itself.
Authentic Music... for those who hear the difference.

"Balfa challenged us to 'preserve the very life of the tradition',
cautioning that we not try to preserve artifacts, but rather,
the process that produces the music and its makers."

For those who have devoted their lives to the creation and performance of music.

Their Sound Matters.

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Silver Cornia was the motive force, fellow schemer and imagination partner of the Gran Sfera.

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Chuck Azzolina-Michlin

For those who hear the difference.

In memory of and with sincere gratitude to Jean-Michel Le Cleac'h for his works and generosity. http://www.annales.org/archives/x/lecleach.html