There are few products that reach the top tier, even fewer that remain there. Thirty years ago the Platine Verdier defined the superlative experience of vinyl playback and today it remains the conoscenti's favourite. Azzolina Audio is pleased to elusively reintroduce the "Granito" plinth which is an integral part of this venerable legend.


Platine Verdier

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    The Platine had been there all along... with its massive platter, beautiful motor, inspired bearing.

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    As a tribute to M. Verdier and his original design Azzolina Audio developed new way to produce the original Granito plinth once again using the latest in CNC precision.
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    This is not like pulling an old Ferrari out of the garage this is a musical instrument which is as modern today as when it was introduced.
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    It easily handles the low compliance cartridges which overpower many turntable motors and so allows play with all genres.