Gran Sfera

“Gran Sfera Horns by Azzolina Audio offered a compellingly huge, all-enveloping, elevated soundstage coupled to a beautiful midrange.”
The voice of the triode.

The Gran Sfera is a high efficiency loudspeaker with exceptionally refined drivers and the most elegant of evolved horn expansions. This speaker incorporates the pinnacles of both proven vintage and modern techniques.

Alnico magnets, LeCleac’h refined Klugelwellen calculations and natural diaphragm materials creates music which is organic to the ear and highly resolving. 104db efficient at 1 watt and 1 meter, 20hz to 50Khz this system portrays both the beauty and the power which can reside in music.

Direct Heated Triodes are now capable of voicing their tone and timbre from the midrange to either extreme of human hearing. This remarkable constellation of transducers will bring the concert into your home on a single watt of power.
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Gran Sfera Elements

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    The Suprano is a high frequency spherical horn and driver system extending to 50,000hz.

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    The Alto is a wide range driver and horn system extending from bass to treble regions.

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    The Basso is a bass horn and reflex system providing real bass in real rooms.

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    The Harmony crossover utilises a combination of methods contoured for each remarkable driver and horn combination. System efficiency is 104db/watt/meter.